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Augusta, MI

I have a modest but comfortable recording studio in my basement.  I can handle four or five musicians at a time quite nicely.  I can accommodate as many musicians as necessary but I like to work with three or less at a time.  I have one isolation room for loud guitars and a small drum kit with lots of personality.  I can also furnish small recently refurbished vintage guitar amps with classic tone and character.  I use a Fostex 16 channel digital recorder for tracking.  For outboard mic preamps I have two dual-channel ART MPA Golds, and a two channel Aphex 107.  I have five condenser microphones, a ribbon (Nady RSM-2) and assorted dynamic mics.  The Fostex tracks are transferred to my computer where CuBase and other plug-in software are used for mixing and mastering of the final product.

My most recent session was with Schlitz Creek, a young bluegrass band from the mountains of Kalamazoo, MI.  We did three songs you can hear in the samples below.

Prior to that, a band from East Lansing, MI called My Neighbor's Dog was in the studio for two days and a total of about eight hours.  I tracked the guitars, bass and vocals on the first day and did the drums with 5 mics on the second day.  We did four of their original songs complete with multi-tracked parts.  Later I did the mixing and mastering in CuBase.

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Palomino Sound examples:

My Neighbor's Dog
      High Time

Holly in the Spot Light
Single Wide

Schlitz Creek

Papa Gene's Blues
Turn The Page
Keeno Originals
      Bottom of the Deck

Cat Out Tonight
Button Hole
     Inga's Got My Number
     Liquid Bacon

     Calling Saturn7 -   Mike Kosacek
     Do Jang -   Mike Kosacek, Austin TX
     AC Nut  -   Terry Mohre, Brooklyn NY




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